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Over 60 Books have arrived!



It’s that wonderful time of year again when the Over 60 books are hot off the presses. These books are provided free of charge by Dean and St. Mary’s and provides information about senior adult resources in Dane County. Copies of the book can be picked up at our office at: North/Eastside Senior Coalition, 1625 Northport Drive #125, the other senior focal points in Dane County, or the Madison libraries. It can also be found on the website of the Area Agency on Aging of Dane County

Black History Month Matters



Americans have recognized the observance of Black History since 1926, when it was called Negro History Week. This celebration came about to bring awareness to the world that African Americans have done some amazing things, and everyone should know about it. Think about the election of 2008, how great that story will be thirty years down the line, and will there be another African American president in that time? I sure hope so. Dr. Carter G. Woodson stands proud in the heavens, for he was the one who put forth the effort to see that all knew about the history of black America, and blacks all over the world. Today it is called Black History Month, and has been a month long celebration since 1976 as part of the nation’s bicentennial celebration.

Continue to learn about your family history, and the history of African Americans at or visit your local library.

We still have two groups going every month. One is the Diabetic Support Group that meets on the fourth Thursday of the month from 2-4pm at Romnes Apartment, 540 W. Olin Ave. in the downstairs community room. And the Discussion Group meets at Quaker Housing, 2025 Taft St. (ring kitchen bell ) from 2-4pm, in the dining area. Topics vary each month for both groups, so watch for my bi-monthly newsletters or call me, Pam Bracey at 243-5252 ext 207.

A word of caution:



A word about switching your Medicare Supplement/Medicare Advantage Plan,


A nice person gives you a call on the phone and tells you they can save you some money by switching you to new Medicare Advantage plan. Sounds good right? But buyer beware! Though the plan they offer might be a plan that is approved by Medicare it might end up costing you in the end. Often there are costs they don’t tell you about in your meeting with the salesperson, like higher nursing home co-pays, or large co-pays when you visit a specialist, or a doctor who is not your primary physician. These plans can also have restrictions about what Dr’s you can see, as some of them are HMO’s. Though sometimes a Medicare Advantage plan is the right choice for certain individuals, if you are happy with the plan you have and were not seeking out a change until the salesperson contacted you on the phone there may not be a need for you to change. You could end up in a plan that is not right for you!!

Keep these things in mind:

1. the person calling you is a sales person and does get paid to sell you new insurance, while the plan may be legitimate they are motivated to get you to switch.

2. do your research BEFORE signing ANYTHING. Get the name of the plan and the name of the person. If it sounds good call either a case manager at NESCO (243-5252) OR a Benefit Specialist from CWAG (224-0606) tell them what you have been offered and let them help you research the plan further before you invite the sales person into your home or consider making a switch.

3. If you do switch and are unhappy you MAY be stuck with the plan for at least a year, or until there is an open enrollment period so you can switch. That’s why it is important to be sure that the plan you are switching to is what you really want.

When in doubt just call a case manager and we will assist you!