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Medicare and Diabetes



Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes know that it is not always easy to figure out what parts of Medicare are covering their diabetic supplies and prescriptions related to treatment of diabetes. Medicare beneficiaries who are receiving prescription drug coverage through enrollment in a Medicare Part D plan or through enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan that includes drug coverage will have their insulin and supplies related to the injection of insulin covered by their Medicare prescription drug coverage. Supplies related to injection of insulin include:

  • Syringes;
  • Needles;
  • Alcohol swabs;
  • and gauze.

In contrast, testing supplies like lancets and test strips continue to be covered under Medicare Part B for those with Original Medicare or through the Part B benefits included as part of a Medicare Advantage plan for those enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.

For Medicare beneficiaries who receive prescription drug coverage through Wisconsin SeniorCare, SeniorCare covers some insulin and Medicare Part B covers testing supplies. SeniorCare does not provide coverage for syringes, needles, alcohol swabs, and gauze.

Medicare beneficiaries who receive prescription or supplemental health insurance benefits through employment, retiree health coverage, or other sources should consult with the administrators of those plans to determine benefits related to coverage of diabetic treatment and testing supplies.

If you have questions about Medicare coverage of your diabetic prescriptions or testing supplies, contact the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups at (608) 224-0606 and ask to speak with a Dane County Elderly Benefit Specialist.

Golden Times Advertising



Do you have a business that people need to know about? Can you provide seniors with information that they have to have? Would you like to get the word out on the North side of Madison? If so, you might be interested in advertising in our monthly Golden Times newsletter.

Every month, our company creates a newsletter for senior citizens called the Golden Times. It highlights educational and social programs, services, and resources available for senior adults and their families. Complimentary copies are mailed to Coalition members and local businesses and distributed throughout the community. Our newsletter is also posted on our website so that it can reach more people. Many different companies have advertised in our newsletter. Whether you have a repair business, health business, or hair style business, any company is welcome to advertise with us.

Reach over 30,000 Madison households and businesses each year while supporting the North/Eastside Senior Coalition. Here are the rates and policies for ads in the Golden Times:

Ad Size |  Dimension |  Rates
Business Card (horizontal) |  3½” X 2¼” |  $30
Quarter Page |  3½” X 4¾” | $50
Half Page (vertical) | 3½” X 10” | $95
Half Page (horizontal) | 7½” X 4¾” | $95
Full Page | 7½” X 10” | $170

Deadlines: Due by the 2nd of the previous month.

Copy: Must be camera ready, e-mailed, or provided on a disk.

Payment: Due by the 25th of the month following publication; invoices are mailed for your convenience.

If you wish to put an ad in our newsletter, please contact Drew Simonsen at (608) 243-5252 or

Carta de una persona de la tercera edad para el Programa Latino de la North/Eastside Senior Coalition.



Hola señora Yolanda. Esta carta es para despedirme pues no quiero decirles Adios a mis amigas del Grupo, ya que me siento muy triste de irme, pero estoy enferma y el clima de Madison es terrible para mi y mis enfermedades. Quiero que les diga a mis compañeras que las quiero y que han sido una gran compañía para mi cuando me he sentido sola y el poder llamarles por teléfono o compartir las actividades de nuestro grupo me ayudaron mucho. Gracias por su programa por que pude conocer tantas buenas personas. Por favor dígale a las personas que trabajan en su agencia que les doy las gracias por ayudarnos y especialmente a usted quien con su entusiasmo siempre estuvo para mi en cada momento en que necesité, para ayudarme y apoyarme. También quiero darle las gracias a Aaron y a Rachel por todo lo que hicieron por mi. Sin ustedes no hubiera podido sobrevivir todos estos años. Yo siempre la voy a recordar con cariño al igual que a mis amigas. Las llevo en mi corazón. Espero que su oficina siga con este programa para que puedan ayudar a personas que como yo necesitan tanta ayuda.

Hasta luego y que Dios la bendiga.

On Her Plate – an art show to benefit seniors!

library-1265On Her Plate:
The Artwork of Carolyn Gaska

6-19 March 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, 6 March, 7-10pm
Project Lodge Gallery (817 E. Johnson Street, Madison WI)

Artist and crafts person Carolyn Gaska’s life’s work was kept mostly in storage, until now. The body of work amassed by her efforts is large, and has until now been shared modestly with individuals in the senior community. After her death in 2005, her husband John Gaska was unsure exactly how to disseminate her work to those who would appreciate it. “Her work has touched people and I hope it will continue to do so,” said John.

For the first time Carolyn’s entire body of work will be shown, at the Project Lodge gallery. Using commonplace materials such as plastic plates, gloss acrylic medium, quilt batting, and magazine images, Gaska created a unique art form and spent much of her adult life executing its production with absolute care and dedication. Those born after 1950 have come to know a highly disposable culture, built on consuming, outgrowing, and discarding. Members of the Great Generation operate under a different mindset altogether: quite simply, materials are valued. This is clearly exemplified in the artwork of Carolyn Gaska, and a value that in today’s economic times, we can all learn from.

The opening is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served. Donations will be accepted to cover the cost of space and for the North/Eastside Senior Coalition.