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I love humor…


I love humor… in most forms. I especially love laughing at myself. I can trip over a penny and laugh at my clumsiness for hours. What else is there to do—lament over my inability to pick up my feet or recognize I can and will be awkward. I refuse to be surrounded by negativity… in any form. My mantra has always been “Life is short—make it count!”

I recently attended the Wisconsin Association of Senior Center’s Annual Fall Conference; the theme this year was “Explore–Empower–Engage.” It was two days of networking with colleagues from throughout the state, with workshops and training sessions. During my drive home, it occurred to me how different this year’s conference was compared to last year’s “Baby Boomers” theme. This year’s hallway conversations centered on funding challenges… in every shape and size. Many senior center directors have already cut their budgets to the nubs and are deeply concerned what will need to be slashed to meet next year’s budget. Rather than looking for positive ways to improve their programs and services, their energy is being drained by writing analytical reports to their funders justifying the center’s existence.

Perhaps that’s why the conference organizers focused two major sessions on humor—that’s right, laughter. Both keynote speakers valiantly attempted to brush off the doom and gloom waiting each senior center director by reminding us all how powerful humor is to our jobs and lives. Amid the jokes and gags used during their presentations, were inspiring concepts; “Characteristics of a Great Leader” is just one example:

Willingness to take risks

  • Passionate about your job
  • A deep sense of empathy for human beings
  • Can motivate and inspire
  • Understands the importance of humor in work and life

With this renewed energy, I vow to GOMO (Get Over it & Move On) and be positive as we resolve our budget challenges. Life is short—so I’ll be wearing a clown nose while balancing the columns and searching for humorous cracks in my life. Like me constantly tripping over those darn pennies… wishing they were silver dollars!