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Close Curtain…

Cheryl Batterman

Cheryl Batterman

…on another superb Summer Concert Series @ Warner Park. And what a finale it was last night! The weather was perfect–warm but a wonderful less humid breeze flowing from the lagoon. The food delicious—the smell of fresh popped popcorn and grilled brats was only surpassed by their mouth watering taste. The music OUTSTANDING—probably THE BEST BAND in our history! The eclectic sounds of the Cooper Box, with their diverse musical instruments (washboard, sax, ukulele, guitar, drums, keyboard, accordions, and tuba) was a huge crowd favorite. They were the perfect selection to feature on the last concert of the season.

Even with the challenging weather conditions, we did achieve 2,110 attendance for the series (a few short of our 2,500 goal). We also reached: $1,115.05 in donations ($1,000 was our budgeted goal); we made $2,236.85 in concession sales ($2,500 was our budgeted goal); and add this to the $1,712 donated through our spring fund drive for summer concerts ($2,000 was our budgeted goal). After crunching the numbers, we ended the season $436.10 short of our budgeted revenue goal; however, we still need to pay all the final bills, so we might make this up with a savings in expenses. I’ll let you know the final numbers when they are available.

I would like to thank all staff, Board, and Committee members for all the help to make this 17th concert season so successful. I especially extend a huge KUDO to Jim Krueger for his outstanding leadership and attention to detail—his selection of talented bands really hit home, his use of volunteers reduced the stress on staff and ran a smooth concession stand, his coordination of emcees added an interesting touch to each concert, and his choice of music provided a wonderful cross-section of music for our diverse audience. He rocks! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next year!

(More photos of each concert can be found on our website and Facebook profile.)