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Fair Housing Laws

Amy Elske

Amy Elske

Did you know we have an amazing resource here in Madison that can assist in instances of suspected housing discrimination?  The Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison is available to take complaints or answer questions when you or someone you know or love has been a victim of housing discrimination.

The Federal Fair Housing Act has the following protected classes:

  • Race, Color, Sex, National Origin, Religion, Disability/Handicap, and Family/Familial Status.

Wisconsin Open Housing Law includes these additional protected classes:

  • Age, Ancestry, Marital Status, Lawful Source of Income, Sexual Orientation, and Domestic Abuse, Sexual Assault and Stalking Victims.

Dane County and the City of Madison have even more additional protected classes:

  • Military Discharge Status, Physical Appearance, Political Beliefs, Student Status, Domestic Partnership, Tenant Union Association, Gender Identity, Genetic Identity, Citizenship Status, and Lawful Source of Income.

How do I know if I’ve been discriminated against? (sample situations)

  • You are told no housing units are available, but you continue to see ads for the property.
  • A housing provider does not return your phone calls.
  • An insurance agent tells you your home isn’t eligible for coverage based on its age or value.

Please contact them at:
The Fair Housing Center of Greater Madison
600 Williamson Street, Suite L4
Madison, WI  53703

 For Questions about housing discrimination contact:

 To file a housing discrimination complaint:

2012 Summer Concert Series

Jim Krueger

Jim Krueger

The 2012 NESCO Summer Concert Series if off and running. Monday, June 11th, the Cajun Strangers played some great Cajun music for a crowd of over 500 people and the feedback on the band was excellent! Cheryl Batterman was the guest Master of Ceremonies.

It was a beautiful night and we had a great mix of families with young kids and adults of all ages. Lots of people from the audience made their way out on the dance floor, it was fun to watch.

This Monday, June 18 at 6pm at the Warner Park Shelter Ladies Must Swing will be performing at our second summer concert. Come check it out.

The Cajun Strangers

The Cajun Strangers