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Home Heating Fiction and Facts from Madison Gas and Electric

Home Heating Fiction and Facts    From:  Madison Gas and Electric

 Fiction:  It costs as much or more to heat a home back up after a setback.

Fact:  The longer your house remains at the lower temperature, the more heat you save.


Fiction:  The house will warm up faster the higher the thermostat is raised.

Fact:  The thermostat isn’t like the gas pedal on a car. It’s either calling for heat or not, so setting the thermostat too high may cause you to overshoot the desired temperature.


Fiction:  The kids will kick off the covers and get cold.

Fact:  Children older than about two weeks can regulate their body temperature just like adults, so they don’t need any different temperature than adults. If they kick off the covers, try dressing them in two sets of pajamas with feet or using a sleeping bag.

Energy-saving benefits

  • For your heating bills: By setting back just 3°F, you could save $74 per heating season. Bigger setbacks save even more.
  • For our community: If we all set back our thermostats by 1°F this winter, we could save enough gas for 3,100 homes.

Madison Gas and Electric recommends 68°F* when you’re home and 55°F* when you’re gone or sleeping.

*Or as low as health permits. Check the owner’s manual if turning down the temperature for more than 24 hours.

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