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End of Year Donation

Looking to give a year-end monetary donation?  How about a donation to NESCO?

Please consider NESCO among your last-minute donations and give a gift by midnight on December 31st. Making a donation now will help NESCO reach our 2018 goals. Your donation may be tax deductible.

In 2018 NESCO has helped change the lives of seniors in many ways:

“The chair yogacize at NESCO is important to me. I am less fearful of falling and it helps keep me active.”   – Barb

“My case manager Kate helped me get some financial support so I could replace my furnace and stay in my home.”  – Bill

“I would only eat cereal if it were not for the meal I have at NESCO.” – John

You can make a donation using the donate box on the front page of our website:

Thank you for your support of NESCO and Happy New Year!