Why case management is so necessary

Why Case Management is so necessary

By: Jim Krueger, Executive Director of NESCO

One thing we do regularly is help seniors in need who have no family around and we provide this service for free. One of the seniors in our neighborhood had been living in his house for years and many things were in need of repair or replacement. He is also a very proud man with no family and limited income who felt he should just grin and bear it. One of our case managers, Kate, had been visiting him over the last year and gained his confidence and trust.

On one of Kate’s regular check-ins she found that the door to his refrigerator was broken. He let Kate call Project Home on his behalf and they came out to his home. It was determined the fridge was beyond repair and Project Home was able to provide him a new one for free. They found a number of other things needing repair, including broken windows and a leak in the basement. Kate encouraged our senior to participate in the Project Home “Hammer with a Heart” Day when they fix homes in need of repairs for free. In addition to the essential repairs the workers knew that he loves baseball and made a small baseball mound in his yard. His pride in his home and himself went way up that day, and his home is safer and more energy efficient. Our case managers have developed partnership with many organizations like Project Home to provide resources for low income seniors. A special thanks to Project Home for making this all happen. This is one prime example of the significance of our case management program.


For more information about Madison’s North/Eastside Senior Coalition, please visit: www.NESCOinc.org

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