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Calling All Photographers

Calling All Photographers

Don’ Fall for Impostors’ Scams

Don’t Fall for Impostors’ Scams

From:  Madison Gas and Electric

MGE customers are reporting fraudulent calls from impostors claiming to work for MGE. These impostors attempt to collect money for past-due accounts and/or upgrades or repairs to utility meters. The scammers give instructions to pay with a prepaid debit card or with a wire transfer and often threaten immediate disconnection. This is not MGE.


On the phone:

  • Ask for identification. Pull out your most recent MGE bill and ask the caller to tell you the account number and the amount due. If you don’t have your bill handy, ask for the name on the account, the account address, and the exact balance. If the individual cannot provide this information, it isn’t MGE.
  • If you suspect the call may be fraudulent, hang up and call us at 608-252-7222.
  • When customers are behind in their payment, MGE provides past-due notification in writing before service is shut off for nonpayment.
  • When customers call MGE for billing inquiries, employees will always be able to provide account information and the exact balance due.

Do not provide your Social Security number, credit card numbers or bank account information to anyone who requests the information during an unsolicited phone call.

At your home or business:

  • Ask for identification.
  • All MGE employees and contractors working for us are required to carry a Company ID card with their name and photo prominently displayed. Ask for it. Don’t let anyone enter your home if he or she cannot show you proof of identification.
  • If someone comes to your door claiming to be from MGE and you aren’t sure, call us at 608-252-7222 to verify the person works for MGE.
  • Look for our uniform. While not all MGE employees wear uniforms, our field service people, who are most likely to request access to your home, wear uniforms with an MGE logo sewn on.
  • MGE employees who access your home typically drive a clearly identifiable white and green MGE vehicle as well.

Don’t be fooled:

  • MGE will not ask for money to replace or work on your meter.
  • MGE meters will not blow up if you use a lot of power.
  • MGE does not charge for line clearance work. Do not pay for tree-trimming work by individuals claiming to be from MGE or an MGE contractor.
  • MGE will not attempt to collect a bill payment at customers’ homes or businesses.

Help stop impostors from trying to victimize others.

If you’ve been approached, please:

  • Call your local police department. In Dane County, call 608-245-3662.
  • File a complaint with the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.
  • Let’s stop these people before others can be hurt! Thank you for your help.

Brain-Stimulating Activities May Reduce Memory Issues


Brain-Stimulating Activities May Reduce Memory Issues

A recent study has shown brain-stimulating activities (card games, puzzles, video games) as well as computer usage can help reduce memory issues in seniors.

Here’s an excellent article:

Brain-Stimulating Activities May Keep Seniors Sharp

With that in mind, make sure you check out the activities offered here at Madison’s North/Eastside Senior Coalition

February Newsletter (w/ activity calendar) 

11 Exercises You Can Do


11 Exercises You Can Do


Even on these cold days there are still ways to stay active.  You could do some exercises around your house or even go to the mall and walk around.

Here’s a nice article on staying active and 11 exercises you can do today!

Article: 11 Exercises You Can Do

January updates – new computer, website delays.



If you are one of the faithful who checks our website on the first of each month looking for updates, I’m sorry to say that this January you will be disappointed.  Not because we do not have new content – we do – but because we are having some technical difficulties that are keeping us from updating.

Last week one of our computers gave up the ghost.  This was our computer that hosted our website software and published our website to the internet.  This computer, we fondly recall, was once struck by lightning and has been through many years of repairs and upgrades (thanks to the hard work of DaneNet).  It has served us well, but its day has come.  We were fortunate to have enough funding to purchase a new computer which will serve as the new “project” computer, hosting our graphic design software, web design software, and other large programs which require newer systems.  This is good news!

The bad news is that there will be a period of a couple weeks before our new computer arrives that we will be unable to perform certain computer-dependent tasks, such as updating our website.  Fortunately we are still able to post information to our blog, and in the meantime we will put the new January information here.

Are you ready for the election?



With yard signs, bumper stickers, and candidates’ ads abounding, it would be nearly impossible not to notice our impending presidential election on November 4th!  Senior adults have historically shown a committed turnout at the polls.  Here at NESCO we encourage Madison’s older adults and their advocates to continue that trend by voting to represent seniors and their diverse concerns as they related to healthcare, economic issues, energy consumption, and other issues of domestic and international importance. Read More

Exploring the Digital Frontier

At NESCO we have always prided ourselves on providing quality content for seniors in a variety of forms, including our monthly newsletter, our website, and materials here at our office.  In order to expand on the information that we offer, we have created this blog, the Golden Extra.  This will be a place to find up-to-date information on issues concerning senior adults, their families, caregivers, and volunteers.  We will also be posting information specific to NESCO services and programs, including the Caregivers Support Group, Case Management, Cultural Diversity Programs (Latino and African American), Home Chore Program, Intergenerational Program, Senior Dining Site, and Senior Programs.

What is the best way to use this blog?  You can check frequently to see what general information has been posted, which will always appear on the front page.  Or you can do a more specific search by entering keywords in the search field (right sidebar).  Every time we post an article we will include a category; if you are interested in information on Case Management you can click the Case Management category (also located in right sidebar) and all related articles will appear.  Finally, if you are interested in receiving content right away as it is updated, you can subscribe to our blog using an RSS reader (for more information on RSS readers click here).  Please share this blog with those who would be interested in its content.  If you have any ideas for articles, let us know!  We look forward to blogging with you 🙂