Tips for Dealing with Heat and Humidity

Laura Sherrington

Laura Sherrington

As we age, we gradually lose the ability to regulate our body temperature, this causes our seniors to over dress in the summer time because they do not feel heat the same way anymore. Older skin thins and provides no protection from the sun. We all want to be comfortable and cool in the summer, here are some tips for ways to deal with the warm weather.

Tips for Dealing with Heat and Humidity:
– Eat smaller meals, more frequently.
– Drink plenty of water, especially when working outdoors or doing physical activity. Guideline: drink 8 oz. of water for every 20 minutes of activity.
– Try to complete outdoor work early or later in the day.
– Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
– Protect your skin by wearing a wide brimmed hat and applying sunscreen continuously.
– Wear light weight, light-colored loose-fitting clothing. Cotton is considered to be the most breathable.
– Take a cold shower or bath to cool off.
– Seek shade and air to keep cool.
– In the morning, keep your house cool by drawing the blinds and drapes so the house stays darker and thus cooler.
– If you have venetian blinds, close them or angle them upwards. That way, light is reflected up and into the room and direct rays of the sun are not let in.

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